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Published on January 26, 2024

Customizing Your Samsung Frame TV: Find the Perfect Bezel


Find a bezel for your Samsung Frame TV

We've put together a bezel finder for Samsung's Frame TV. Choose the size of the TV you have, or the one you are interested in, to see all of the available bezels for that size. You can filter by color or brand to find the bezel that matches your decor perfectly. We hope this tool helps you find the ideal bezel for your TV.






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Samsung bezels

Samsung offers two types of bezels for the Frame TV. If you like the modern style, they have a "modern" bezel with four color options. They also offer a "beveled" bezel which adds some extra personality which is available in two colors.

You can't go wrong with any of the Samsung bezels and I highly reccommend giving one of them a shot. I personally have the Teak bezel on my 65" and I love it.

Deco Frames

Deco TV Frames manufacture and deliver high quality bezels designed specifically for the Samsung Frame TV. Samsung's bezels are sleek and modern, where as Deco TV Frames can provide you with a modern or classic look.

Modern look

For those with an inclination towards modern design, Alloy Bezels serve as a minimalist, clean-cut choice. They echo contemporary art galleries' aesthetics - concise, focused, and subtly captivating. These bezels blend seamlessly into any present-day decor, enhancing the suave feel of your space.

Classic look

Traditional or classical style enthusiasts might find Premier Frames more appealing. They mimic the rich, detail-oriented frames commonly found in esteemed art museums or historical home decor. They're truly the key to creating that refined, timeless ambiance in your house.

Questions about bezels

Can I interchange bezels on my Samsung Frame TV?

Yes, the bezels for the Samsung Frame TV are easily changeable. You can swap out different bezels to match your room décor or for a fresh new look.

How easy is it to install a bezel on my Samsung Frame TV?

The process is quite straightforward. Both Samsung and Deco TV Frames design their bezels for easy installation and removal. Manual guides are usually provided with the product for detailed instructions.

Can using a non-Samsung bezel, like Deco Frames, void my TV’s warranty?

Bezel changes, especially those designed for the particular model like Deco TV Frames for Samsung Frame TV, typically do not void the television’s warranty. However, it’s always a good idea to directly check with the manufacturer or your warranty provider to confirm.

How do I care for and clean my bezel?

Bezels can be cleaned using a dry, soft cloth. Avoid using water, solvents, or abrasive materials since these could potentially damage the bezel's finish.

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