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Published on January 7, 2024

Samsung Announces new 2024 Frame TV at CES


Update: Now available for preorder!

It's officially available for preorer starting 3/2! Check out more of the details and how you can preorder.


Samsung Frame TV 2024 updates

Samsung has just announced an update to their best-selling lifestyle screen product for 2024 - The Frame. The 2024 edition of The Frame aims to revolutionize the world of digital art displays further, curating a comprehensive artistic experience right in your home. Famed for enhancing your living space by merging modern technology with sophisticated artwork, The Frame's 2024 updates offer more benefits to consumers.

Extended Art Library

Among the updates for The Frame in 2024 is an extended art library. Known for its existing repertoire of artworks from various global museums and galleries, the new update takes The Frame's total collection to over 2,500 in the Art Store. This essentially allows users to further personalize their space, although the interaction with the Art Store is pretty much the same.

It was also announced that the art store will provide 20 free pieces of art per month for Frame TV owners. If you want access to millions of works of art, you'll want to use our app Frame Crop, or start with our free collection of popular works of art.

Lower refresh rate when in Art mode

Prioritizing not only creativity, this update also emphasizes energy efficiency. The 2024 edition of The Frame introduces the variable refresh rate adjustment in Art Mode, a feature designed to significantly reduce energy costs. This improved energy efficiency makes The Frame not only easier on the eyes but also on your utility bill. It reduces the TV's refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz when in Art mode.

Pantone Validated Art

Pantone Validated Art Samsung Frame TV 2024

Samsung's 2024 'The Frame' TV has earned a certification from Pantone, showing it can reproduce colors accurately. This TV is noted for mimicking original colors under standard home lighting. This marks a significant milestone making The Frame the first to meet these tough standards. Its display qualities offer an enhanced art viewing experience.

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Will Frame Crop be affected?

This update to The Frame TV doesn't affect the service provided by Frame Crop. Even with the 2024 Frame TV, you'll still have the capability to upload custom artwork. In this context, Frame Crop remains the best avenue for sourcing artwork for your TV.


In our opinion, this is not a significant update and doesn't warrant an upgrade for current Frame TV owners. We hope to see improvements on the software side of the business, particularly with better integration between SmartThings and The Frame.

Millions of pieces of art, one search, sized for The Frame

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